Sunday, December 13, 2009

First cross race... she was even tougher

My first cross race ever was in 0 degrees, 6 inches of snow and freezing rain, perfect. Took the hole shot like I planned on doing and right before the first corner, which was pretty much a forced dismount on the first lap, I threw the hands in the air as if I was coming across the line first. It was a thing of beauty, put a good gap on the field from the first run part then it was pretty much all down hill from there. The 45 minute shit show took alot out of me, by the end there was not much left in the tank, not enough to push through the snow anyways. I was being realled in so running was all I can do to hold my spot, which was 6th I think.

Stayed around and watched the 1 oclock race to see Chown destroy the hills, Jay not listening when I told him to gear down but still being able to ride the hills every time, and Box taking a hard-earned win. It was a close race right till the end between Box and Chown. The last racer showed everyone how to properly hydrate in the pits with a nice tallboy of Stella Artois. The 1 oclock racers toughed it out for 60 minutes and got 6 1/2 laps in, some 5 1/2. We went for 45 and got 3 1/2 laps done.

I defenitely underestimated the brute force that is needed for cyclocross, I'll be at the New Year's cross a little more prepared and hopefully on the bike more.

Picture stolen from Jay (McGyver)'s blog, after the hole shot on the pavement there was a u-turn and pretty much forced run section.


  1. You made the news:

  2. Sweeeet, everybody that seen him interview me thought that I won.

    Great race you guys put on man, and that was a tough course to ride for 60 minutes, good job finishing it even after running around all day yesterday setting it up for us.