Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tour of Bronte

The warm up with Perry and Etzl felt pretty good, not too much mucus coming out and my legs weren't feeling completely drained after a couple sprints. The race started out pretty neutral until a few attacks here and there but nothing stuck until I missed my chance to go with Etzl and some other guy. It was hard to find a good spot to break away because of all the gravel turns and pot holes.

I spent a little too much time out front and when Perry attacked there was only one guy that went with him and no one felt like working with me to bridge. At this point Etzl was by himself and it looked like the top 3 spots were gone. There was a couple guys in blue, a Wheels of Bloor guy, Dan Dakin, and myself left to try and bridge the gap. The Wheels of Bloor guy and I took some good pulls and kept driving the pace, I didn't realise there was so few of us left until about 3km away from the line.

If we would have got organised the race could have been a little more interesting but everytime one of the guys in blue would get to the front they would wave their hand for someone to go by after 20 seconds. This is a good amount of time for a pull if you are doing any sort of work at all in the pack. The finishing stretch was very sketchy, a guy in blue did the short pull/hand wave thing and when no one came by he started going all over the road almost causing a big crash. Now I see how the kind of shit in Good Friday Road happens, stupid riding. I tried to be patient and thought I would have the legs to make a break 1km from the line and make it, but I didn't. The group latched on and, like a sucker, I towed them to the last 500m. I had nothing left in me for a sprint, yet again.

In the end I still have a lot to learn about road racing strategy, but I'm pleased with the effort I put in. So far the P2A is still out, we'll see what the week brings me.

Big props to Etzl and Perry for the 1-2 and to Noah who was in a sick solo break when I left. Can't wait to hear what happened with that. Big day for the St.CCC with Tyler Holtzman adding a win for the club in the S3 race.

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