Sunday, September 27, 2009

Squeezer 2009

Time: 1:17:36 (+8:54) Pos: 18 Overall; 5 (Mens 16-19)

Couldn't have asked for a better day, everything just went so smooth and despite all the rain everything was rideable. It was unbelievable to be lined up with Adam Morka in front of me, Zandstra, Mark & Emily Batty and Stu Alp not too far away. Right off the start I knew that it was going to be a good race. The pace was pretty relaxed and no one was launching any early attacks. I got into the first set of trails in around 20th spot, I was fealing good through the whole first set of singletrack and somehow managed to keep rubber-side down. To make things even better, who better than to be right on your wheel than one of the (and soon to be the) world's best female cyclist Emily Batty. She was extremely motivating the whole time and pulled me back to a group whenever I got dropped off (thank you !). We ended passing that whole group on Hogsback climb because Emily took a sick line that allowed us to ride the whole climb. She ended up dropping me in the descent and the slick singletrack that followed. I ended up catching back up at the bottom of the second decew climb, at the top I caught a glimpse of Brandon Etzl and Emily was keeping a crazy good pace through Driftwood that I couldn't hold.

On Wiley Rd. she asked me if I was going for top 15, I was too tired but she was like ''why not, it's right there" so I went for it and ended up catching up to that train that had positions 14-18 in it. Lost them but managed to stay with Etzl who took me at the final climb and managed to put 6 seconds on me ! Looking forward to next year's race already.

After the race was just as good talking with Adam and Emily who are as good of people off the bike as they are on. Adam, who lives right here in fonthill, even asked me to email him to go for a ride someday! Just a sick day.


  1. Awesome ride Justin! You A-wave riders definitely had better conditions than the morning racers.

  2. Amazing result Justin - you are going to go far with racing if you keep it up.

  3. Thanks guys, yeah pretty much everything in the A-wave was rideable

  4. Hey Justin... awesome post!! That race was so much fun :) It was great being able to ride with you for a bit... before you dropped me :p
    Looking forward to the winter?
    Adam says HI