Sunday, October 4, 2009

University Cup #4 Ganaraska Forest

Time: 1:33:52 (+13:47) Pos: 17 (Mens A)

After another bikeless week rest was not what I was in need of at the starting line, more like a water bottle. Of course for my last race of this season I had to forget my water bottles at home just like at the Marathon Challenge Champs. No big deal these are only 7k laps so if I just grab a good swig of an oversized bottle my dad had everytime I came around I should be pretty good... Then I found out that these were 11k loops, but what I thought was only a 2 lap race was announced to be a 3 lap race at the starting line.

The start was pretty relaxed at the start and I was sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack and I started to feel week as the lap went on. By the end of the first lap I was pretty tired but I was trying to stay on the wheels of an SSer that I had passed on an earlier climb so I kept pushing. I guess he dropped out of the race after a lap because he rode straight into the parking lot from the course. I got my first swig at the beginning of lap 2 and another one (along with a piece of banana) on lap 3. I was getting stronger and much smoother on the course as the race went on so I thought it would be a matter of time before I picked off one or two in front of me, but for the last 22k I was by myself. I never found myself in need of a drink which is weird for a 33k race, I guess it was the nice cool air. Defenitely happy with my performance although the final results is somewhat disapointing.

What a great series, so laid-back and some very good riders. Thanks again Dave and everyone who organized it !

This was definitely a great season for me and my goal at the start of the year was to move up in the field of competitors and possibly move up in O-Cup. Next year I'll be racing Senior Ex and this off-season I will be preparing the best I can for it, trying to follow Joe Friel's Traning Bible that I failed at following this year. I've got a set of goals and objectives that I will post up later once they are finalized. Next week will be pretty relaxed and the week after I start my "preparation" phase.

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