Tuesday, June 8, 2010

O-Cup #4 Mountainview

Awesome course, brutal race.

That pretty much sums it up, first lap I felt very weak, didn't gain any positions. I started to feel better on my second lap and picked up the pace, I started to pick guys off 2 or 3 at a time. I have no idea where I ended up but I was chassing down some guy for the rest of the lap and somewhere near the end of my third lap I lost all my energy and any riding skill I had.

Fourth lap was pretty much survival, I lost all the positions I gained and then some. Ended up 2 away from last, I was even contemplating downgrading to Sport during my fourth lap. I know I'd never do it but just the fact that I was thinking it had me pretty depressed which made the suffering even less fun. I guess the egg beaters would have been better for this race since alot of time was spent off the bike and in the mud but I must say that I love the XTR spd's, they make me feel much more connected to the bike. In the end, I think the point is to stay on the bike anyways.

I've been feeling insanely weak lately, worse than just not enough rest or overtrained (they pretty much go hand in hand). I feel even weaker than I did in April when I got sick and totally overtrained, but I don't have a cold or anything. I'm getting a few "tests" done, I'm on some pills again because my digestion (lets leave it at that) hasn't been right at all since I went on the antibiotics in April for my sinus infection. The antibiotics are supposed to kill any bacteria in your digestive tract (usually in the intestines), but in there you have bad bacteria that is causing you to be sick and good bacteria that aids with digestion and prevents sickness. Well, the antibiotics don't know the difference between the two and just go in and wipeout whatever it can hoping that by the end of the cycle you are left with no more bad bacteria. If you kill too much of the good bacteria you are much more succeptible to be invaded by bad bacteria that we encounter in the food we eat everyday, it's innevitable. I think that's what could be the problem, I'm going to get blood work to see if I'm deficient in anything which would be caused by the digestion problem because I'm a pretty good eater. All the food we eat that the farm comes from their property (fruits, vegetables, eggs, goat meat, goat milk/cheese, and of course chicken).

Hopefully it's no more than just a flipped digestive system from the antibiotics and the pills I'm on now will take care of that. If it's an infection, let's hope it's bacterial.

Anyways, I'm getting hungry, just got back from the best Tuesday night race yet. More on that later.

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