Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's just a little water

Cleaned the heavy out of 2 double floored 250ft. chicken barns over the course of my three day weekend, I need the money so this was good. I guess you can consider it some solid cross-training, didn't get any riding in, but I did do 2h on the trainer monday night. Had a good leg workout yesterday, got the squatting weight up to 275 for 6 reps and made a goal to get to 350 for 5 reps by the end of christmas break. Still haven't started yoga yet :(

Did 2h on the trainer today while watching Superbad (best movie of all time) and then dressed up and went out for a ride. The rain had just stopped and there were big puddles everywhere on the road and there were no completely dry spots. Rode out to West Lincoln/Silverdale and the smell of the chicken farms out there reminded me of the weekend. It looked like a scene from Twister because of the flat landscape and a completely black sky. No sooner did I notice this that it started to downpoor, I decided to press on... time to man up I told myself. There are no more excuses, it's just a little water.

Held 46km/h pretty easily on 20 mile road coming home, when I turned onto Wessel then Effingham I realised that I had an intense tailwaind that I was now taking straight on. Could barely see the road with the rain hitting my face insanely hard and my glasses were getting pretty useless at this point too. Took the downhills suprisingly fast and finished with Saylor's Hill again.

Coming back into my neighbourhood I felt like I had just taken on the world and with a couple of my cycling neighboors outside just coming home from work I through the hands up in the air and shouted "Victoire" (victory in french) haha and went on home to shower and refuel.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Spun for an hour and a half yesterday before heading over to my old high school to watch my sister win the SOSSA finals and now they are advancing to the OFSAA (All Ontario Finals). Awesome leg workout today, first one back in 3 weeks. Going to really feel it this weekend when I have to clean out the heavy from 2 double floor 250ft. chicken barns :S

Did some squats and built up to 225 pounds (2 sets of 10 reps) and then did some more at the end with lunges. Kinda wish I can try 315 but last year on the third rep the only reason I didnt fall over and cause some good damage was my spotter. Got some calf raises, leg curls, hip adduction and leg presses in as well.

Not sure how much training I'm going to get done over the weekend with the work that has to be done at the farm and it's dark by 5 oclock now !!! Might be forced indoors, hopefully it stays dry because I would defenitely be down for a night trail ride.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Painless Ride !

100k today, out to Niagara-On-The-Lake then stopped at Liberty! on the way back. Shoot the shit with Jeremy, Derek, and Andrew then filled up the bottles and headed to North Pelham to finish the ride with Saylor's Hill again. Went pretty hard on all the hills and drained most of the fuel left on Saylor's. Just over 3h so 32km/h average speed ain't so bad, I was feeling very good today and ate a huge omelet with a bagel for breakfast versus my bowl of corn flakes last time.

No knee pain !!! My IT Band from my left hip down was bothering me more, that is due to inflexibility. I always make yoga my objective but I never end up getting into it. Hopefully by the end of the month I get into the groove of doing it at least 3x a week. Only have just over a week to make that happen so I better get on that.

Haven't been doing any weight lifting for my legs yet but I've been doing alot of core and once a week I work the upper body. Hopefully tomorow I can get a good swim in... possibly 1k haha

Monday, November 16, 2009

Learn something new every ride

Got my bike fitted Saturday morning, Rick from BikeFit was a huge help and right from the first pedal stroke I knew that it was perfect. Didn't have to change the stem but the new 172.5mm crankarms are on and that 2.5mm (in a full circle it ends up being 5mm) makes a huge difference. Went for a 2h test-ride Saturday afternoon with my neighboor Reg "The Tractor" Bolduc, even at 55(ish) he can climb anything. The knee felt pretty good, started to get a little stiff by then end of the ride but that it to be expected on the first time back when you are riding hills and finish with Saylor's Hill.

Yesterday was the SHCC FartFest, a good 2h trail ride then some amazing chili. Good people, good food, good ride, great times. Knee never really bothered me on the mtb, could be because of the extra float with the eggbeaters and your position is changing constantly. Solo 2:45 ride today out to Silverdale then Rockway and, once again, finished with Saylor's while being in the middle of a massive bonk.

Things learnt over the weekend (for me the weekend is Sat-Mon)

-A bowl of cornflakes and a coffee is not enough to fuel a good afternoon ride
-Whistling at a deer won't make it come running to you like a dog
-My road shoes are too big for me = another purchase
-Music doesn't make me forget about my bonk

Monday, November 9, 2009


Stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, not a medical condition but I've got this big time ! Did my first upper body weight training session since before the race season started in april on friday and I can barely unbend my arms today. Started feeling pain saturday and I volunteered that night until 3am for my friend's dad's cancer fundraiser. Carrying full and empty cases of beer stacked 3-4 high plus bringing the whole sound system there (basement = stairs) and back home makes for another tough night on the arms. Yesterday it started to get better during my hockey game with some rub-A535, but by night-time I couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position.

Today my arms are a bit better but still unable to unbend them completely without help from the other arm and some intense pain. Still haven't found my goggles (good excuse ? haha) so friday's cool-down swim was 300m (looking to get that up to 500m next week).

I've been off the bike for 12 days now and it feels like 12 weeks. 5 days til my bike fit appointment and a post 50ish km ride. Going to join the Short Hills Cycling Club 2nd Annual Fall Fartfest for a casual trail ride and some food. It has turned into a fundraiser for Ashleigh's (a member of that club) recovery from an unfortunate accident. Hope all goes well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

He Floats !

Haven't swam laps in a year or maybe even longer, kinda nervous going in to the water... might not remember how to do this. Haha, jokes, it's like riding a bike, well not really.

Anyways, swam 300m and found an excuse to quit; I was blind ! Forgot my goggles but that's not a big deal for the pool at Brock. My eyes didn't really hurt, I was just freakin exhausted; my arms haven't gotten a work out probably since the last time I went for a swim. Thursday I've got my mind set on the 1k mark.

Knee is feeling much better but the mornings are the worst for some reason. I sleep on my stomach so it's most likely because the knee is being compressed all night. After an hour the pain is gone, I'm going to try for an easy mtb ride tomorow and see how that goes.

Missed a good race on Sunday, I'm going to call the W.O.W Enduro off as well. Racing will resume in April with the Tour of Pelham where I'm hoping for a top 5.