Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raccoon Rally - CX, I mean XC

Breakfast consisted of an egg, a waffle, a fruit salad, toast with PB&Banana and a spoon full of some pasty oatmeal that created a very disturbing look on my face. Paps showed up with my mom at the race site, some chatting, reg, bike prep and some spinning around; ready to go.

I was feeling pretty comfortable off the start, AD took the lead and I sat in about 8th wheel, from the start of the first climb I knew it was going to be a long day. Pretty much a 30 minute grind and loosing spot after spot after spot. I lost a couple more at the top but I was hoping for some singletrack to make up some ground, well, back down on DT and back up again, it was very similar to the layout of the road course. I found my rhythm near the end of the first lap and started making up ground, I bombed down the only twisty descent and made up 2 more spots there. One of those spots I gained by taking the line that goes straight off a rock drop instead of going around it, I was riding smooth today, strong, not so much.

My bike was making a funny high pitch sound right from the start but I blocked it out and pressed on, after the descent I had massive break rub in the back and it didn't go away. I stopped real quick where our rents were feeding to see what was going on but lost 6 spots so I hopped back on to chasse. I caught them 2 minutes later and attacked, only one guy came with me and we were pretty close for the next half lap, we caught two guys then I dropped him when I saw another guy just ahead. I faught real hard but it's tough to close gaps on the downhill, bombed through the DH and rolled in for 22nd overall and 1st in my age cat, got a set of Kenda Karma tires, not too bad.

It was an awesome weekend of racing, I would have liked today's race to be a little more epic with some mountain bike features but it was tough none the less. The weather was perfect, a little humid but at least the sun was hiding most of the time.

Huge shout out to the De Cal's for the hotel room and driving me around, much appreciated. AD had two solid rides and seems ready for S1/2 on Thursday, should be an interesting race to see. Big props to Chown for the win.

Just a thought, maybe I'm a roadie?

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