Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KW Classic

Two quick things; first, there might be more stuff about what has gone on other than the race than about the race, and two, the race report itself will not be a traditionnal lap by lap summary haha. Sixteen laps!

After I got my disorganised self completely ready for the race I had about 25 minutes to warm up, didn't go so bad actually, did some sprints and a few longer efforts, shot the shit with etzl then made my way over to the starting pen for some pre-race chat.

It started to rain and I thought this would be for the worse since I was expecting to be in the red zone a bit trying to hold on. It ended up being for the better and I made my way over to the front quite a bit just to lead through the corners, sometimes I would launch off the front a bit and keep a comfortable pace hoping a good group of three or so caught me and we might be able to get something going. I was feeling very good at the beginning of the race and wasn't having any trouble staying up front in the climbs with guys like De Cal and Noble.

After a hard-fought prime, I just missed it by less than a foot, after I realised how close to the line we were I pulled out front still in the hoods trying to come around the front guy for it but ran out of tar, I sat in for a couple laps. There was an attack off the front by De Cal and I went to follow with another guy, he crashed out in front of me on the first left-hand bend and the gap got a bit bigger. I figured I 'd let it grow and see if I can help De Cal out since this was probably his last race in S3 and I knew he'd be hungry for a win. After about 30sec of keeping the pace tamed the second guy shouted "Are you gonna chasse him?" and I was like "nope" haha. So he pulled up ahead of me and I sat it until the pack was together again. Paps and I executed a perfect feed after me got a few tips from other parents, sick.

I was still feeling strong going off the front and was getting to be almost a habit to go out front before the S-bend and have a small gap going on the straight-away. With 2 to go my legs started to get tense especially on the short, punchy climbs so I dropped back and decided to wait for a sprint. There were a couple good attacks that came and a couple times I had no choice but to go up front to do work but I knew I wouldn't get dropped and was hoping to hold on to someone fast going on the straight-away and see what happens. Well I ended up getting boxed in to a horrible spot and when the sprint finally started I was making my way up then there was a loud noise very similar to the one I heard on the sprint at Good Friday road and had me holding the brakes for a second. I lost some ground and before I knew it I seen De Cal's hands fly up and the race was done. 12th, not bad, should get better.

Saturday I slept in too late for the club ride from a result of friday night's sprints and cornering work. Even during my easy spin with The Coach and paps my legs felt like rubber so a club ride might have been a bad idea considering I had to work at 5. Washed some dishes until 11 and hurried home for some shut-eye. By the time I get to bed it's not until 12 but that still leaves a seven hour sleep, not bad.

Monday was a day off and last night was a race on the hilly course, I attacked and chassed until I had no gas left in the tank before going up Saylor's the second time. I got shelled and the gap got too big before the downhill, it continued to grow from there and by Sulfur Springs I knew I wouldn't catch. But I hammered and hoped that I would pass all those that got dropped, I ended up only passing one because Hopkins hurt his calf.

I had the day off work today so I headed out for just under three hours with Max to loosen the legs up and I might get a core workout done this afternoon. I'm about to munch out for the second time since I got back and then I'm going to swap out my 100mm stem for the 110 that came with the cx bike I bought off Chown and I might put the Selle Italia SLR saddle that came with that bike on instead of the one I have now. Not sure which model of SI it is bit it's good quality, just doesn't seem fit right for me. If Contador can ride a Tour on the SLR then it should be pretty comfortable if the fit is right.

Tomorow I was hoping to make it out to McNeily and Woolverton but that will depend on what time I get off work and what I do there. If it's an easier day and I finish at 2 then I'll be out there for sure, let's hope there are some thunder showers tonight. Thanks weatherman, I dressed for the rain and not-so-hot today but the rain stopped and it cleared up not even an hour in to the ride. I was boiling.


  1. Dude,I wish my race reports were as entertaining as yours. You might be a math/science kid, but you sure write a damn good rr.

  2. You're race report on the Boston Marathon was amazing!

    Thanks for the compliment

  3. If the SLR doesn't work out for you, I'm always looking to pick them up as spares/whatever as they seem to work perfectly for me on all the bikes.

  4. I've been using a yellow SLR on my mtb for a little while. Seems to fit me good but I don't sit much on a mtb and being in an aero position is completely different from being upright on the mtb.

    I'll keep that in mind Moote.