Saturday, September 26, 2009

University Cup #3 Boler Mountain

Time: 1:10:01 (+9:05) Pos:15

Even though I didn't train at all since Monday I think the late season rest ended up helping me alot today. I started off nice and easy and was picking people off one by one until I got to a point where no one was visible at all in front or behind me. I was checking the bottom of the switchbacks while I was at the top... nobody! Checked the top when I was at the bottom... nobody! I ended up getting caught by two guys and tried to hold their pace and I did, for a lap. They dropped my at the end of the second lap, going into the last lap I felt strong so I chassed the whole time and ended up making some good ground on one of them but couldn't pass him in the downhill finish. Perfect conditions, as we were leaving it started to downpour so we couldn't have been any luckier.

I was told that it was not raining at all in Welland so I had high hopes for a dry Squeezer tomorow but we brought the rain back with us and now it is just miserable outside. It's going to be a good time either way and it's going to be unreal to line up with racers like Mark and Emily Batty and Adam Morka. Now I've got to sleep for a couple hours to get a good recovery for tomorow's mud fest

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