Tuesday, June 1, 2010

O-Cup #3 Hardwood Hills

Well, not much to report on this one.

My start was good, that's about it. I saw Trevor making his way up the right side so I hopped on his wheel, lost sight of the top guys at the bottleneck from the entance to the first singletrack. I was feeling pretty good but not riding so well. I felt even stronger on lap 2 and started picking guys off and I was hoping that the race would continue on this way, of course, it didn't.

Third and fourth lap were a blur, don't really remember much, just put my head down and pedal. DNF is not an option, heading out for my fourth lap I was actually somewhat considering pulling the plug but when I seen my dad as I was coming through the feed zone and how he ran up the hill to spray some water on my back I knew I was going to finish. Might not have been the same day but I was getting to that line, still wasn't DFL, sweet.

I'm not too worked up about it, it's pretty easy to understand why I did so shitty. You can't work 30 hours outside all week then wash dishes until 11:30 the night before the race and expect much from yourself.

There was something that Chown brought to my attention today that is so freakin obvious but I never stopped and thought about it for one second. "You can look at all the training plans and whatnot all you want, but they weren't designed for people that work." There's something to think about.

Tonight was the Tuesday night race on the hilly course, chassed down a group of 4 all day but never caught. Then I was outsprinted to the line yet again by Noah, who kicked some ass on the weekend in TO. Pretty pooched right now, looking forward to the next 3 weeks of build ending with the Lake to Lake then hopefully a full-on taper leading up to the Raccoon Rally weekend.

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