Monday, September 21, 2009

University Cup #2 Hardwood Hills

Time: 1.09.50 (-11:41) Pos: 17 (Mens A)

This race had a much bigger group at the start line then U-Cup #1 and I was feeling pretty good so I lined up at the front. Right off the start I took off really fast... too fast. I was sitting in about 4th after the first climb and going into the first set of singletrack I got dropped to 6th. When the trail opened up again I got dropped by that group and eventually got caught and dropped by another 3 or so guys. I was hurting really bad after the first lap but felt strong after the second lap. I started taking it easy and just enjoying the course, the third and fourth lap went by pretty quick. Especially since 3k before the end of the last lap some guy popped out of the B course because he had made a wrong turn and I decided to chase him down. I caught him before the last doubletrack and just kept a strong pace to the end. No crashes and only one dismount on a steep climb in the first lap, I was way too tired to do it. Fun course, all in all a good day.

I can't say I didn't expect a slow pace because, like a replay of last year, all my fitness is lost by September because of the lack of base miles in the off-season and poor race-season planning. This is why I've decided to make the U-Cup #4 my last race for the season to start preparing for next season properly. I got enough points in O-Cup this year to move to expert and by the end of next year I want to go Senior Elite so I've got to make sure I don't burn out. The winter races are going to be strictly for fitness testing and, of course, fun.

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