Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Then til now

I'll try and do a recap on what's been going on since my birthday from how much I can remember, more on that in a bit.

So after giving 'er for a couple of days I had to settle right back down in the books because exams were right around the corner. The weekend before exams was my best weekend for training this off-season, mtb ride in the hood on Friday with De Cal, I rode out to Jordan Saturday morning with plans to ride with the junior SpiderTech team but apparently I was a few minutes late. I stuck around for about half an hour in case they were still coming but nope, I was late. Sunday I hit the trails again but this time with running shoes, great trail run with Al Deschamps and Molson. Monday I was back at the hood again with De Cal doing some secret Frostbike training.

Since then I haven't been back on the bike, jusy burried in the books and going on some good hikes with the dog. Rides, hikes and study seshions have been fueled by pitas and espresso. Of course among other things because studying always makes me hungry. My first exam was Tuesday morning and my last one Saturday night, they all went really well even my Saturday night exam that had me somewhat stressing ended up being one of the easiest ones. All week I was looking forward to a good ride Sunday morning before hockey but the game was at 1 so that ment for a somewhat early wake up, well that didn't happen because everyone knows what goes down the night after your last exam.

That brings us to yesterday, oh boy let me tell you about yesterday. The day started off really shitty with another missed riding opportunity, I got out for a good hike with the dog. Went to school to try and sell my books, only sold one, made 60$, not too bad. Drove to the dentist office where my mom works to get my wisdom teeth pulled out, I was hoping for the gas mask to knock me out but apparently I was getting conscious sedation instead. They gave me those 2 little blue pills and the sunglasses, I waited and waited, 30minutes later still nothing. They gave me a shot of something that started with a Z and another one of those blue pills crushed under my tongue so it would get abosrbed quicker. A little while later, still nothing, another one crushed under my tongue and the Dr. came in to do his thang.

You'd think I'd be out cold with double the recommended dose of the knock-me-out special and a shot of some stuff that was supposed to relax me and help the blue pills absorb, but no. They say not to eat a few hours before because the pills work better and the only thing I had was toast about 6 or 7 hours before that, it's not like I'm a big guy, maybe the doctor went for the cheap drugs, I don't know. The only thing I do know is that I was fully alert when he was hammering, slicing, and pulling away in my mouth. I got another thing done too, forget the name and don't feel like looking it up but he burned off two muscles just inside my lip because they were pulling and causing recession of my gumline. The smell that the burning created wasn't very pleasing I must say.

When I got up from the chair I had a hard time finding my balance but other than that I was fine and alert, got home and don't remember much except for fighting the worst headache of my life all night because I refused to take a T3 with the fear of an OD after all the shit they gave me at the office. So now I'm sitting here, in a decent calorie deficit because eating sucks right now, trying to munch on some apple pie to get something in my stomach. I know I'm not right when I have to force myself to down some apple pie, especially during the holidays.

Exam/final grades should be posted up soon, so should the 2011 road o-cup schedule so those are 2 things to look forward to... oh yeah and CHRISTMAS!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday present

So big 19 today, no big deal you know.

Got a present from Chico this morning here, seems a bit better than last year but the provincial champs are way out in September, second weekend, right after Green Mountain which I'm planning on racing, maybe in the S1 cat, who know's, we'll see how she goes. Haha that rhymed.

I checked the schedule for the Canada Cups as well and it's possible that I'll be racing the first 2 Canada Cups which are in Qu├ębec on back to back weekends. I have lots of family that live close to both the venues that would be happy to see me for a week or 2. Or I could be doing road races those weekends, we'll see what falls on which date. I'll defenitely be racing the local stuff, Frostbike should be a good party, hopefully there's a Tour of Pelham this year, CDMBR and hopefully the Lake to Lake if there are no road races on that day. The weekend after L2L is National's and since it's in Burlington I'll be racing that fe sho so I'd like to do a tough S1/2 road race the weekend before to get ready for it.

My focus this year for road is going to be sprinting, I'm pretty heavy for a cyclist considering my height (5'10'' ~175ibs.) so maybe I can put that weight to good use this season in the sprint or a solid leadout for a teammate. The end of the season will probably be the same as this year but having the xc provincials in the mix, Paul's, Marathon Champs, Squeezer then cross time.

That's the rough idea for the season right now, things will change by the start of the season no doubt. I'm getting pumped for next year already, I realise I haven't done any posts on cycling since cx national's so I'll talk about my training for December. I've been trail running/hiking and mountain biking and sometime tomorow I'm going to stop by the school to get a gym membership so I can start pumping some iron and swimming. Some days I get super motivated and do some core and other days I sit on my ass and eat alot. I play hockey on Sunday afternoons, nothing serious, just the beer leagues with paps.

My goal for the month is simply to establish a good, regular training routine with cardio stuff 6 days a week, weight lifting 3 days and have some sort of core/stretching routine on a (almost) daily basis. Maybe I'll even get one of them foam rollers I've been saying I would get since one of the first mtb o-cups this year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

No title

I guess I clicked "new post" on Nov.25 and that window has been minimized until today...