Saturday, June 18, 2011

No power

Hmmm, what can I say about Albion. Start off with something like holy shit that was probably the scariest experience on a bike.

Don't know what happened from Friday to Sunday, pre-ride I felt amazing, field was small, course suited me pretty well, it was shaping up to be a great performance (relatively speaking of course).

Right from the gun I wasn't feeling it at all, start was horrible but actually ended up being the best part of my race. From the first piece of singletrack to the last I was in survival mode, I was so confused why I couldn't just go faster. I was barely in the big ring, I don't remember much but I'm pretty sure I took a couple descents in the granny ring. Fast forward to last lap, felt like I had done 8 laps and not 3, was riding like shit just like the rest of the race, then Koffman rode by me. I held HER wheel for a few minutes and actually started feeling good, contemplated passing but I figured I'll keep that pace and make it back to the start in good time. All of a sudden the terrain got steep, I got dizzy, dismounted and tried to pull myself together. Did this a few times, one hill I looked up and could have sworn I seen snow caps on the summit. It was not pretty.

Apparently I didn't DNF, but they pulled me. I wouldn't have went out for another lap anyways so in my head it's a DNF and I feel soft as hell for it.

8x12 was a bust, Etzl and myself had a big gap up front before heading into the first singletrack then next thing I know I'm walking for an hour to get back to the start. Down an expensice tire, the rip on the inner tube was big enough to just let all the stans I put in flow right out. Maybe I didn't do it right, fixin them fancy things was never my strong point. Either way, mtb tomorow, hopefully get to the quad trails in the lead group and see how she goes from there.

Good luck to Alain Deschamps tomorow, attempting his first race on two wheels instead of two feet. Who knows? Maybe he'll hang up the sneakers for good and trade em in for some razors and spandex.

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  1. coulda been worse buddy, look how slow and fat ive become haha. Squeeze in a rest week. Itll do wonders for your body and you wont lose fitness.