Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good power

Took thursday off and had 2 days in a row of good power after that, Friday I headed out to Port and did some motor pacing. It kind of sucks when the driver isn't someone you know, just a random vehicle turning onto the same street as me. You gotta be smart about it though, 50km/h limit streets are the best, look for an old clunker that can barely hit 60 or an old person driving a Buick. The Buick has less of a draft then an old rust bucket pick up but the fumes aren't as bad.

Today was Albion pre-ride, got a ride up with the Fleury express (big thanks Keith), rode 3 laps at a pretty good pace. Felt good on the climbs, singletrack is bermy like around here but better with the rock features and roots.

Tomorow I'm hoping for good power so I can keep it in the big ring the whole time, and that it stays a little greasy because it's funner that way. Tonight I'm gonna chill and watch some Planet Earth, tomorow it's pancake time!

I believe that is all.

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