Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake to Lake and a few things in between

I'll start off with training leading up to the race, didn't do much. My hard day was set to be the 8x12 but a flat ruined that. The walk was tough though. Starting to adapt to working 6-2:30 everyday, waking up at 5 sucks but way she goes. Lots of beer consumed to help me sleep early and plenty of coffee to help me wake up. Friday took an especially large amount of beer to get some snooze but eventually I got there.

So since cross bike was flat I figure I'd better just use the Kona and worry about cx in a few months.

On to the race. Start was fun, De Cal off the front and I was just hangin on. Couldn't take a pull because I was already spinning out my biggest gear so everything came back together pretty quick. After that it was just holding my spot to the first quad trail section. Lead group was still pretty big at this point. Chown got in first, Preston next, they both dabbed and I somehow made it to the front. I kept the pace high with a small gap but Anton came flying by with Chown on his wheel. Couldn't latch on, Soutter, Preston, De Cal rode by so did Schmidt at one point because I was chassing him down for a bit the lead group just out of reach.

Schmidt and I worked good together for a bit keeping the gap about the same. He crashed out in Mosquito Valley and I was left to chasse alone. De Cal was just ahead for so long but I couldn't bridge until eventually I came out of Suzanne to see Chown and De Cal with only a few seconds. Bridged up and should have been patient and waited for the rocky trail to attack but I was impatient. Chown got in that trail first and my race for 4th was over. I didn't have good enough power Sunday to shed two strong guys on cross bikes with my mountain bike on the road so 6th it was. I was happy with that.

Good day for the team with all 3 guys in the top 10, Meg 4th overall female and crushed some pretty fast guys too finishing 45th overall. Nice.

What to say about Nationals this upcoming weekend? Strategy is easy, sit in for the first lap to warm up, attack the first time up Appleby and solo the rest of the race riding nothing but the 53x11 and only shifting down to the 12 for the steepest part of the climb.

To be honest though, it's just going to be a cool experience. I'm way out of my league but I'm going to enjoy the experience for sure. Maybe get my butt signed by someone famous or something.

It has come, Mt Bellies Belly Buster Challenge Sunday. I've been training, I am now ready.

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