Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This should be interesting

It's 11pm and in an hour I'll be heading off to work, I'll get to that in a bit.

Starting from where I left off at the last post, Christmas was fast approaching and if you've watched TPB Christmas Special then you've learned everything you need to know about what Christmas is all about. I'm not gonna lie, I was drunk for 5 days straight, then when the dust settled I went for an awesome mtb ride with De Cal and since then I've been riding alot on the mountain bike. Before the heat and rain came the trails were so amazing I couldn't not go for a ride. New year's came and went, not much to say about that night, really, I worked from 5pm-3am in the kitchen because the other dishwasher that was supposed to be with me cancelled at the last second. My breaks consisted of beer, tequila shots and when it was midnight I drank some champagne, then some more, and more. Before I knew it it was 3am and I was finally done all the dishes, I was heading out calling around looking for some place to enjoy my buzz but apparently everyone passes out early on new year's. Whatever, I drove to work so I needed to find a ride regardless of where I was going.

I just thought of a good resolution now; learn how to fix my freakin bikes. I only thought of it because that's what I've been doing anyways, I got my cross bike and beater mtb working perfectly minus the avid juicy 5 adjustment. I'll give that another go when I get the chance.

I have a rough idea on what my season is going to look like but some changes to class schedule will most likely alter what my weeks will look like. Oh sweet, just though of resolution #2, stick to a training plan. Meaning proper train/recovery cycles and learn how to peak and taper for races. So, I guess I'm in Base 1 now. Had a good cross training workout today with a good 9-2 shift on the farm, since one guy from our 3 guy crew moved away to Dominican I've got to step up this crop and help out with the shipping which means in 30 minutes I'll be back the farm ready for an 8 hour shift to get thousands of chickens loaded into a truck. Then it's time for some hockey with the St. Catharines CC, hopefully I wake up tomorow afternoon because I've got to go back to work for some quality time with the scrapper, shovel, and tonnes upon tonnes of good ol' chicken shit.

Happy new year!